ASA (Apparel Strategic Alliances, LLC) is pleased to introduce “TheMaskMate”.
Our latest, but undoubtedly, our most important product ever. We have been producing
and designing cutting edge merchandise all over the world for more than 45 years.
We’re thankful that our unique experience can help at this most crucial time. When you 
receive your MaskMate pack, you’ll discover that our passion for excellence shows in
each product we make. To view the science and research behind us, go to

Paper disposable masks are uncomfortable and unnecessarily expensive.
Let’s not forget to mention, carrying around a stack of these ECO-UNfriendly masks with
you constantly is logistically unrealistic. What makes sense is our reusable, lightweight,
breathable, two layer and extremely comfortable “MaskMate”. Simply wear it once, then
launder it to use again. It will remain effective, even after multiple washings!

How do we avoid going out from time to time? How do we avoid contact with
 other people … especially those who don’t seem to understand or respect yet another
 benign sound bite … ‘social distancing’? In our urban society, it’s almost impossible.

Obviously, face masks are an essential ‘mate’ to have with us, not just for the clear 
and present danger, but for the future as well. Moving forward, it’s not necessary to wear 
one constantly, but we need to have access to one when we need it.

Outside of ourselves, who we can we trust to protect us? The commonality
among credible scientists and doctors is simply this: Step one is preventing the spread of
this virus, and that’s in OUR hands … literally. So wash your hands often and avoid
touching your face in public. Step two is ‘Social Distancing’. Keeping our distance is not
the way we were raised, but we must protect ourselves and those in our immediate care.
Step three is containment. If you feel like you have been exposed or you are displaying
symptoms, quarantine yourself. Bottom line, it’s up to each and every individual to take
responsibility for their level of vulnerability and take appropriate measures.